The new stage for arts

The theatre is built thinking back on Nineteenth-century theatres, but redefined for the modern age.

The theatre is pear wood-covered and equipped with a special modular acoustic shell and a orchestra pit, which may accommodate 60-70 musicians. Thanks to cooperation between the architect Ivano Gianola and Müller BBM from Munich, a leading company in the acoustic engineering sector, LAC’s theatre and concert auditorium provides a perfect blend of architectural aesthetics and acoustic quality. Among the aspects that guarantee acoustic quality are an optimal ambient volume and the inclinations of the orchestra seats and the gallery. From the old theatres Müller BBM also adopted the decorations. They weren’t put there just as decorations but helped to spread the sound. The lateral walls are slightly curved so as to better bounce the sound towards the audience, while the surface of the false ceiling has a wavelike form for the same reason. The product is a hall for symphony concert of the highest level and at the same time a venue suitable for multiple functions without compromising on acoustic quality.

The orchestra pit and the proscenium are of a variable size, which allows optimization of the space based on the needs of whatever show will be performed. This room is a concentration of avant-garde modular and engineering solutions that make it suited to any kind of show: from symphony concerts to jazz, from opera to operetta, from dance to prose theatre.

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
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