"The Perfect Funding Application" - public and private funding of theatre projects


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Writing convincing funding requests is one of the greatest challenges that Swiss theatre professionals face in pursuit of their artistic goals. The first part of the workshop will cover all regions of the country and focus on the general mechanisms of public funding for the arts in Switzerland. It will also examine private funding from the point of view of different foundations as well as consider the issues constantly facing theatre sponsors when assessing funding applications. The second part of the workshop will give participants an opportunity to engage with experts from the three regions of Switzerland about their experiences as well as specific questions and difficulties encountered when assembling and submitting funding applications.

Speakers Part 1
Myriam Prongué (Pro Helvetia – Head of Theatre), Sonja Hägeli (Ernst Göhner Foundation – Theatre, Dance, Literature), Mathias Bremgartner (Migros Culture Per Cent – Project Manager Theatre)

Speakers Part 2
Italian-speaking Switzerland: Cristina Galbiati (Theatre professional, Co-Director Trickster p) German-speaking Switzerland: Gabi Bernetta (Producer - Bernetta Theaterproduktionen) French-speaking Switzerland: Michaël Monney (tour management & production – mm administration culturelle)

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Prismatica. Gioare con la luce
Prismatica. Gioare con la luce