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ANTIBODIES is a broadcast from the Polish streets and from within the female body, where the All-Poland Women’s Strike protests take place. It’s a manifest in progress, which shapes and transforms itself depending on what the collective body experiences, feels, and wants. There is a lot of anger and fear at the very bottom of it, though crumbled with hope, care and growing solidarity.

The anti-government demonstrations began on October 22nd, 2020, when the Constitutional Tribunal composed of judges appointed by the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) tightened the law on abortion in Poland. Due to this novelization practically all cases of abortion are illegal now, which poses a serious threat to life and health of those with uteruses.
ANTIBODIES is a vivid, hectic monologue in move, where the crowd is a shapeshifter, the streets turn into tissues and cells, and the rhythms of the protest marches mold the flood of speech, giving voice and power to vulnerable bodies. While searching for allies, this intimate confession meets the radical language of the protest slogans, body leaks and soundscapes, and imaginary visual-linguistic outflow. Strongly believing that “all riots emit a world historical shine”.