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European Philharmonic of Switzerland
Charles Dutoit
, conductor
Martha Argerich, piano

Igor’ Stravinskij
Jeu de Cartes, ballet in three deals

Maurice Ravel
Piano Concerto in G major

Antonín Dvořák
Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95 From the New World

At each of their concerts, the young musicians of the European Philharmonic of Switzerland (EPOS) single out for their energy, liveliness and enthusiasm, along with the experience and professionalism this ensemble has earned as heir to the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra (GMJO), the youth orchestra created by Claudio Abbado.
Founded in 2015, the orchestra gathers several "generations" of young musicians aged 20 to 35 representing over 20 nationalities, many of whom are already members of the GMJO and engaged in major European orchestras.

EPOS and Charles Dutoit already met in 2018 during concerts at the Montreux Festival. "When I started with the orchestra, I was amazed how quickly we achieved a result, which was truly spectacular in just two days. I am full of admiration, they have great soloists, and they are very easy to work with," says Dutoit.

Martha Argerich, who shares a deep artistic and personal relationship with Dutoit, was also present on this occasion. As the Lugano audience can well remember thanks to the "Martha Argerich Project", a mutual fascination ties the Argentinean pianist to the new generations of musicians. Argerich is a legend for many young pianists and constantly seeks new opportunities to encourage their affirmation and growth.

"What a pleasure to hear the admirable balance between Martha Argerich and the orchestra. And if the pleasure is total, it is certainly because it makes tangible the musical inspiration that Martha Argerich arouses in the musicians surrounding her... With what musical greed she seeks them out with her glances to improve the dialogue! Martha Argerich does not play ostensibly towards the audience: she is turned towards the orchestra. She wants to be part of it. She draws from others to better reinvent herself in works that she has explored over and over again," wrote Thomas Muller for Bachtrack, describing the 2018 concert in Montreux.
"What determines the choice of repertoire?" wonders Martha Argerich. "The character? The temperament? I believe it's the temperament. I think I have a young temperament. Not in life, but when I play. I think."