Team Building Events

A group is more than the sum of its parts. This basic axiom of team building reflects the LAC’s core mission which is to bring together under one roof all the different art forms with the aim of inspiring the growth and self-awareness of the community.

It is no coincidence that our proposals for team building activities are closely related to our artistic offerings, this might mean enacting the great metaphor of the company orchestra or giving life to a collective work of art or even meeting the challenge of a team cook-off under the guidance of the chefs of Luini6, the LAC’s wine and food artists.

Empathy and cohesion fostered through creativity and beauty.

Inspired by Food and Wine in cooperation with Luini6

Starting from chf 140.00 per person (VAT excluded, min.20 persons, alcoholic beverages excluded)

A fun challenge under the guidance of Team Luini6: each team works to create a different dish for a meal, consisting of an appetizer, a first course, a second course with a side dish and dessert! Without forgetting the necessary prep work suggested by the presiding expert. The goal is to teach participants how to prepare new dishes through stimulating team work and then, of course, enjoy the results of their efforts together over dinner. The winning team will receive a prize from the Luini6 staff.

Starting from chf 40.00 per person (min. 8 persons)

An educational experience to get to know and appreciate a few of Ticino’s wines and a pleasant way to end the working day in company, tasting three white wines and three red wines presented by our sommelier and served with delicious savories prepared by Luini6.

Inspired by Art in cooperation with TeamNow

Starting from 185.00 per person (min. 20 persons, duration 4 hours, bookable with three weeks advance)

An incredible work of art created by a group of colleagues divided up into small teams: each team has to create his own canvas, which when united with the other paintings as if it were a pixel, will form a great masterpiece.

Creativity, colors and a lot of fun come together in an incredibly lively team building activity.

Starting from 185.00 per person (min.20 persons, duration 4 hours)

Hammers, nails and screws used in an artistic team building activity. Participants create a work of art by adopting the approach of pointillism: each person with their own peculiarities alongside the diversity of another person, to create a new and significant composition. An artistic challenge that will leave a big impression.

Inspired by Music in cooperation with TeamNow

Starting from 170.00 per person (min.30 persons, duration 2 hours)

10-30 minutes of boomwhackers, body percussion and voice, to revitalize and energize the group with a fun performance following particularly long and hard working sessions.

Starting from 190.00 per person (min.30 persons, duration 2 hours)

Participants will be accompanied by a facilitator along a musical itinerary. You don’t need to be a musician but a good listener. The aim is to express the idea of the company as a harmonious composition in which each person plays a part.

Starting from 190.00 per person (min.30 persons, duration 2 hours)

Altering the text of a famous song and fitting it to a communication project and a message to be transmitted to the participants results in an exhilarating mix of rock music and drums that irresistibly draws in everybody. This is what team building should be all about: experiential by definition.

Inspired by New Technologies in cooperation with TeamNow

Starting from 185.00 per person (min.20 persons, duration 4 hours)

Somebody has planted an explosive device at the LAC to disrupt your company event. You have to find the codes to diffuse the bomb. Look for clues using augmented reality and discover how to proceed one step at a time with the help of a mysterious virtual agent.

Cooperation among the various teams is vital to solve the puzzle.

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