Team Building Events

A group is more than the sum of its parts. This basic axiom of team building reflects the LAC’s core mission which is to bring together under one roof all the different art forms with the aim of inspiring the growth and self-awareness of the community.

It is no coincidence that our proposals for team building activities are closely related to our artistic offerings, this might mean enacting the great metaphor of the company orchestra or giving life to a collective work of art or even meeting the challenge of a team cook-off under the guidance of the chefs of Luini6, the LAC’s wine and food artists.

Empathy and cohesion fostered through creativity and beauty.

Inspired by New Technologies
in cooperation with TeamNow

Inspired by Food and Wine
in cooperation with Luini6

Inspired by Art
in cooperation with TeamNow

Inspired by Music
in cooperation with TeamNow

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