Organize your birthday party at LAC

Thanks to our partner, Explosion Eventi, you will experience an unforgettable moment with qualified and professional staff.

The package is made of the rent of one of our rooms (please see our price list here) plus the animation package, starting from CHF 280.00, has a  duration  of approximately 2 hours and a standard outline structured as follows:

List of main activities:

Base: games with music, team challenges, soap bubbles, dances.

Magic: interactive comic show of magic, soap bubbles and baby in the bubble on request

Mangiafuoco: juggling and fire-eating show with a small feasible torch (outdoors only), soap bubbles, and micro-magic

Circus school: juggling show and laboratory setting up with circus equipment for children to try, soap bubbles on request

Crazy party lasting 2 hours and a half: face painting in the initial phase, bubbles, baby in the bubble, smoke bubbles, micro-magic.

Luna Party: sports inflatables and magic show.

Dj party: music challenge games, dance.

Fluo Party: like the DJ party with the addition of special lights to create a Fluo setting, fluo gadgets included in the party.

Treasure hunt/escape room: puzzles to solve

Additional services: customized and themed arrangements customization of gadgets supply of free bags cotton candy popcorn

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