Museo d'arte della Svizzera italiana

New exhibition spaces for contemporary art

2500 m2 designed to allow the works to be protagonists, to induce silence and contemplation. Just one floor of the LAC museum has the same exhibition size as all of the Villa Malpensata, historic venue of the City Art Museum. The museum building, which can be accessed from the entrance hall, extends along the new square, running parallel to the ex Palace. Its façade ends adjacent to the lake, and through its large windows, the visitors may direct their gaze to the lake and the surrounding panorama.

Created by combining the Canton Art Museum and Lugano’s Art Museum, the museum spread over three exhibition floors with a total surface area of 2500 m². One floor houses the permanent exhibition whilst the other will host temporary exhibitions. The first floor will be home to a permanent collection while the remaining two will be dedicated to temporary exhibitions. The museum architecture was designed to house   works of art and not to compete with them. The spaces are simple, white, flexible and flooded with light as a way of encouraging silence and contemplation. The new spaces, in line with the most current standards of security and conservation, permits users to realize large-scale projects; unthinkable until now in other museums, guaranteeing its visitors an experience of high quality.

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
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