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"When Michel Gagnon asked me to coordinate the three weekends of celebrations for the inauguration of this new arts centre, I immediately thought of creating three series of events that would interpret the LAC approach and values: a space that is open to everybody, including families and young people; a ‘home for art and culture’, which represents and involves partners from the worlds of music, visual arts, theatre and dance; and expression of ‘local artistic skill’ that requires a stimulating presence in order to emerge and assert itself on the cultural market."
Carmelo Rifici, Art Director for LuganoInScena and director of the inauguration programme


From 12th september, the curtain will be raised on one of the most interesting new arts centres in Switzerland and Europe. Three weekends with different themes.

Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September 2015
Raise the curtain! A universe of magic, poetry and music for everybody: residents, families and the wider public

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September 2015
Two days dedicated to the contemporary with focus on young and local talent

Friday 24 and Saturday 25 September 2015
Music Grand Finale

Saturday 12 September

At 10.00, a symbolic cutting of the ribbon will officially start the celebrations and open the doors to the new LAC arts centre. This will be the beginning of a weekend that will transport families, residents and the wider public into a universe of magic, poetry and music both inside and outside the LAC. Throughout the day, music will accompany visitors into the piazza and fill its every corner, drifting down to the Church of the Angioli. LuganoMusica and the Orchestra della Svizzera italiana, have coordinated numerous events in collaboration with the Conservatory of Lugano: Energie Nove Quartet, OSI Brass, a trio of clarinets, an ensemble of percussion and flutes ensemble, , accordion and double bass; the; the SMUM (Scuola di musica moderna); an ensemble of flutes and a choir of boy sopranos. As well as the musical programme, this weekend will see the first theatre and dance performances: the Brockenhaus Project and the Dimitri School, with shows created especially for the great event.
A world of fairy tales, sweets and games, for children and adults besides, will be open all day in the amphitheatre.
The new LAC exhibitions will also be open from 10.00 and can be visited throughout the inauguration period and until early 2016: ‘Orizzonte Nord-Sud. Protagonists of European Art on the two sides of the Alps 1840-1960’ and the solo exhibition of Anthony McCall ‘Solid Light Works’. This will be accompanied by a complementary exhibition at the Palazzo Reali, historic location of the Cantonal Art Museum, entitled ‘In Ticino. The Presence of Art in Italian Switzerland 1840-1960’. Italian artist Giulio Paolini will be the star of Space -1 as part of a series of appointments with artists from the Giancarlo and Danna Olgiati Collection. Entrance to the exhibitions will be free the first weekend.
In the early afternoon a re-interpretation of ‘The Betrothed’ will be held in the Teatrostudio, a LuganoInScena production directed by Andrea Chiodi.

The formal part of the event is planned for 17.00 in the Piazza, with official speeches from the LAC authorities.
This will be followed by the ‘La Verità’ show by the Finzi Pasca Company at 19.30, which will be embellished with the odd surprise relating to Lugano for the occasion and will officially raise the new theatre’s curtain for the first time.
Another curtain, but made of water this time, will then be raised at 22.15 in Piazza Bernadino Luini for a big open-air show produced by LuganoInScena and the Mymoon Company. ‘Memories of Water’ will transport spectators into a dreamlike state somewhere between the earth, sky and the lake; in a visual tale told by flying dancers, bright spheres suspended over the water in front of the LAC, stilt walkers and grand dames in crinoline who will dance among the public.

Sunday 13 September

The programme continues to chase fairy tales on the second day. Little ones will be involved once more, this time in the atelier of the new Museum for art workshop ‘Little boats on the LAC’ with artist Silvia Paradela (14.00).
The arts centre will come to life through theatre and dance: Imbuteatro, an oral narration performance for a single spectator by Cinzia Morandi in collaboration with PAN Theatre; the programme includes the Aiep Company with its interactive performance “VOCsolo”, an interactive show from the Aiep Company, along with repeats of the interpretation of ‘The Betrothed’. 
The second performance of ‘La Verità’ is planned for 14.30 and the group Swing Power will end the first weekend of celebrations with a concert.

From Tuesday 15 to Friday 18 September

This first week will continue with nightly performances of ‘La Verità’ (20.30) and will mark the debut of the first theatrical production by LuganoInScena, created for the inauguration: Attraverso lo speccio (Through the Mirror), everyday at 10.30 and 11.30. The show was written and directed by Marcello Chiarenza, in collaboration with Teatro PAN, and will use narrative and magic to reveal the theatre to students as part of a LAC Edu initiative. This means even the very smallest will be able to discover the new home of culture through a unique theatrical experience, which will remain in the LAC Edu repertoire and be repeated over the course of the year.

At 18.00, the public will have an extraordinary chance to discover the LAC with ‘The Walk’: an itinerant audio show through the interior spaces and surrounding area of the LAC, created by famous artistic duo Cuocolo-Bosetti, who have won awards for their urban experiences in which theatre and life, fiction and reality and actor and spectator overlap.

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September

The second weekend will be targeted at young people and contemporary art, with particular focus on local companies and artists. The programme includes the Aiep Company, artists Asaro/Spadaro, who will present a journey through dance, theatre and literature, Silvia Paradela, Cuocolo-Bosetti and Trickster-P with an artistic installation.

The second theatrical production by LuganoInScena scheduled for the inauguration celebrations will also debut this weekend, directed by Antonio Ballerio and featuring talented performers.

The second weekend will then culminate with two important events pertaining to fields that may seem unrelated: on Saturday afternoon, Maestro Giorgio Albertazzi will read some cantos from The Divine Comedy and then the day will close to an invasion of electronic music and art installations in the LAC hall. This weekend will also be the last chance for the public to see ‘La Verità’, on Saturday 19 September at 20.30 and Sunday 20 September at 14.30. From Monday 21 September, a scene change will begin in the theatre and the acoustical shell will be lowered for the closing event. 

Friday 25 and Saturday 26 September

The Grand Finale is reserved for the most important musical event: on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 September, the OSI and RSI choir will perform Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, led by Maestro Ashkenazy. The concert will be produced by the RSI – Radiotelevisione della Svizzera Italiana and will be shown in a preview open to schools on Thursday 24 September. 

This brings reflections on the inauguration celebrations to an end, only for the curtain to rise on the first season of theatre, classical music and exhibitions: a new beginning for art and culture in Lugano.

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
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