12 july


Piazza Luini

Marie Lanfroy  vocals, matamorlon, bobr’

Melanie Bourire vocals, triangle

Frédérick Cipriano vocals, kayanm, bobr’, roulèr

Jonathan Itéma vocals, roulèr, morlon, sati-pikèr, triangolo

Anthony Sery vocals, didgeridoo, sati-pikèr, ride, ravann




Indian Ocean Blues (Reunion, France)

LAC En Plein Air

Saodaj hail from the island of Reunion, they represent a new generation of very young artists who are reinterpreting maloya.
Genre native to the French island in the Indian Ocean, it was stated intangible cultural heritage (UNESCO) and the songs are sung in creole.

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
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