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21 december


Theater Hall

Tariff C

At 19.00
Concerto presentation
Sala Refettorio 

Reservation required

Soloists of the Byzantine Academy

Ottavio Dantone conductor and harpsichord


Baldassare Galuppi
Concerto a quattro no. 1 in G minor

Tomaso Albinoni
Sinfonia a quattro in F major

Giovanni Benedetto Platti
Trio Sonata in G minor, D-WD 692

Antonio Vivaldi
Cello, strings and harpsichord Concerto in D minor, RV 405

Baldassare Galuppi
Concerto a quattro in G minor

Antonio Vivaldi
Trio Sonata for lute and violin in G minor, RV85
Concerto for strings and harpsichord in G minor, RV 156 

"Free Music" is the motto of the Byzantine Academy. "Each time we begin to study a score, we are aware of the commitment and the responsibility that awaits us. Our mission is to liberate music, to instil new life into it and to give it the chance to move us once again. We set out to discover the musical secret that lies within each score", emphasizes Ottavio Dantone, who has been both music director and soloist of this Ravenna-based ensemble since 1986. In the course of the Lugano concert, Dantone will lead us to Venice at the time of the birth of the modern concert, not only through the genius of Antonio Vivaldi, but also though rarer but no less refined works by Tomaso Albinoni, Baldassare Galuppi and Giovanni Benedetto Platti, a Padua composer considered to be one of the inventors of the sonata form. "Our task is to investigate, question and probe the depths, so as to let the writing itself, its compositional texture and its language open the path leading to the key points where the composer imagined the emotions he wanted to communicate."

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Prismatica. Gioare con la luce