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Swiss Press Photo 17



The “Swiss Press Photo 17” exhibition summarise 2016 in pictures and deliver impressive proof that photography involves more than just pressing a button. The LAC Hall hosts the best Swiss press images from the past year, allowing us to review 2016 main events with an exclusive focus. An international jury chose the best photographs in six categories. The exhibition shows around 90 images on the themes of News, Daily Life, Swiss Stories, People, Sports and World can be seen in the exhibition.

Emigration and asylum seekers have been defining themes of the Swiss Press Poto from the very beginning. This year is no different. Born in Kabul, now living in Lausanne, Ahad Zalmaï has photographed scenes from the clearing of the so-called “Jungle”, the refugee camp in Calais, for L’Hebdo. His pictures capture the hounded, who are bound to continue their odyssey through Europe. A final group picture is taken – to ensure 
that future memory won’t just be a depiction of despair, but will also reflect a sense of togetherness (Photographer of the Year 2017 / World).
How Switzerland negotiates the present day is illustrated by the winners of the other categories – through small, quiet, and sometimes peculiar stories: The seemingly absurd assembly of flamingos in a greenhouse, photographed by Anthony Anex for Keystone, in the Dählhölzli Animal Park in Berne – they had been placed there in protective quarantine from the bird flu (News). The unintentionally comical scenes that Rolf Neeser found in an old age nursing home in Spiez, in his work for L’Illustré: drug addicts who have survived
 into old age and now get their fixes stress-free (Daily Life). Stephan Rappo’s pictures for the Schweizer Familie take us on an enchanted boat trip across Lake Zurich (Swiss Stories). The new CVP president travels through a stormy winterland in the photographs of Mark Henley for Das Magazin (People); and the rugby players who Urs Bucher photographed for the St. Galler Tagblatt throw themselves into the mud fight with such gusto, as if it were the height of pleasure (Sports).
It’s a far cry from Calais to the muddy field in St. Gall. A reflection of the world: contrary and pushing the limits of what is bearable. News images show us how to deal with this.

Bernhard Giger,
president of the jury

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
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