Dear friends of LuganoMusica

We are proud to offer you a new season full of great artists and fantastic music.

In addition to new events, we will have the chance to catch up with some of the concerts already planned for the 2020-2021 or even the 2019-2020 seasons! LuganoMusica was keen to express its sympathy and solidarity with artists whose concerts had to be cancelled by immediately offering replacement dates. In these conditions, maintaining a thematic line (as the focus "Panorama from the Twentieth century up to us" should have been in the past season) proved to be a challenging exercise.

Therefore, this season's programme looks like a mosaic: it consists, we believe, of a thousand different jewels. Variety, as you well know by now, has always been the main feature of our programmes. So will it remain during the 2021-2022 season: from the guitar (7 June) to Bach's monumental Mass in B minor (16 June), from Mozart to Dutilleux (22 March), from Stravinsky's neo-classical ballets (14 September and 6 December) to Beethoven's vision of nature (5 May with the Pastoral Symphony) or Ravel's circus-like entertainment (Piano Concerto, 6 December). A wide diversity also characterises the choice of artists, who range from the legendary pianist Martha Argerich (6 December) to her very young colleague Alexandra Dovgan (19 October). All these elements put together outline Lugano's incredibly rich musical panorama.

We are delighted to welcome back the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra under its Music Director Mirga Gražiny-Tyla, together with Gabriela Montero (23 May), the Jack Quartet (28 January), the percussionist Simone Rubino (16 March) and the Swiss violinist Sebastian Bohren (17 May). The Filarmonica della Scala and the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra will also be returning.

We are proud to welcome our compatriots Charles Dutoit, Diego Fasolis, Maurice Steger (all regular guests of LuganoMusica) and, for the first time, one of our country's most famous chamber ensembles: the Carmina Quartet (30 January).

Strangely enough – and this is a fairly recent trend – it would seem that Mozart is presently not among the most performed composers in concert halls. Therefore, we have scheduled on 12 November an evening entirely devoted to him, with the marvellous Mahler Chamber Orchestra – already a regular guest at the Lugano Festival – and the much-welcomed return of Leif Ove Andsnes as conductor and soloist.

Daniele Gatti will finally be able to take to the stage at the LAC. With the Orchestra Mozart, obviously, and the participation of Andrea Lucchesini, a pianist we know well. The Orchestra Mozart will exceptionally appear in Lugano on two separate occasions; from 2023 onwards, we will resume our popular mini-festival in Lugano during the Easter period. Another welcome comeback is that of our LuganoMusica Ensemble, which will perform two 20th-century programmes.

These lines are just a quick overview of the 2021-2022 programme, which is full of additional and more diverse details.

In the hope of seeing you all in September, we wish you a beautiful season with LuganoMusica.