Events at the LAC during the Coronavirus

The LAC is committed to ensuring that events can take place safely and respecting the indications established by its protection plan in compliance with the Ordinance on measures to combat the COVID-19 epidemic in a particular situation (COVID-19 Ordinance in a particular situation).

Access management

The organizer of a private event at the LAC must have verified that everyone (public and visitors) is in possession a valid covid certificate together with the identity document.

Access will be limited to people who: to. have been vaccinated against COVID-19 b. have a valid certificate of recovery from Covid 19; c. underwent one of the tests for COVID-19 with a negative result.

Even for outdoor events, access is limited to people aged 16 or over who have been vaccinated or healed (2G). The organizers can optionally limit access to people who have been vaccinated or recovered which in addition have a certificate attesting the negative result of a test (2G +).

The duration of validity changes depending on whether the COVID certificate documents that it was administered an anti-COVID-19 vaccine, you have recovered from the disease or tested negative. The detailed requirements for each of these two categories are specified below.

Vaccinated guests

Guests who have been administered all the doses required for one of the approved vaccines can access by the FOPH or the European Medicines Agency, namely:

• Pfizer / BioNTech

• Modern

• AstraZeneca

• Johnson & Johnson / Janssen Pharmaceutical

The documentation must contain the date of vaccination, the vaccine used and the address of the center of vaccination. Validity 365 days from the administration of the last dose.

Healed guests

Those who have contracted Covid can access. The validity of the certificate of healing begins from the eleventh day following the positive result of a test and has a duration of 180 days a start from the test result. The following documents are valid as attestation, which must bear the dates, the confirmation of the contagion included the name and address of the facility issuing the document, or confirmation of the revocation isolation, or a medical certificate certifying recovery.

Access to the LAC

Hall Access to the Hall and the Bookshop is allowed without a covid pass but always with a mandatory mask.

Access to the Events Rooms

Access to the LAC event rooms access is limited to people with a valid covid certificate (vaccination or 2G healing) from 16 years of age.

Guests from the European Union (EU), the Schengen area and the EFTA area

The vaccination certificate is recognized as valid in Switzerland.

Guests from third countries (outside the EU / Schengen / EFTA)

Certificates referencing an EMA approved vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen / Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and all licenses such as Covishield, etc.) are considered valid in Switzerland. The latter do not need to be converted into a Swiss Covid certificate.

Entry into Switzerland

Anyone who is not vaccinated or cured and does not come from a border region will have to submit a negative test (antigen or PCR) upon entering Switzerland, regardless of the country they come from and the means of transport used. Between the fourth and seventh day after arriving in Switzerland he will have to undergo a second test. This test will be subject to a fee and its result will have to be forwarded to the competent cantonal service.