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3 december 2016
– 8 january 2017

Piazza Luini

Idea: Lateral Office (architects and Co-Designer) with CS Design (lights and Co-Designer)
in collaboration with the EGP Group (engineering)

Mechanical Design and Production: Generique Design

Sound: Mitchell Akiyama

Production: Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, Montreal, Canada



An interactive installation light up city life

special events

“Impulse” is coming to the LAC: an interactive installation composed of large illuminated and sound producing seesaws that will turn the square in front of the cultural centre into a huge playground. The public and families are invited to immerse themselves in a game of lights and sounds through a creative and fun experience.

First in Montreal, then in London, the interactive installation of fifteen large seesaws is now coming to the LAC and will turn Piazza Bernardino Luini into a huge playground. “Impulse” was the winner of the 2015 competition awarded to mark the sixth edition of the “Luminothérapie” Festival organized by the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership of Montreal. It is a work of great visual impact which invites the public, passers-by and families to experience something original and creative, to play and spend their winter days outside reliving what it feels like to be a child again.

The seesaws are of different sizes from five to seven metres long and can accommodate several persons. Once they get moving their light varies in intensity according to their tilt while producing a series of harmonious sounds that were composed for the project by Canadian artist Mitchell Akiyama. Playing with the different tones of light and sound the public becomes protagonist of the installation which will be located at the heart of the LAC square from the beginning of December for the entire holiday season.

Piazza Luini is once again a space to present artistic activities that reflect the cultural centre’s values and aims, especially the fusion of arts and openness to every kind of public. With “Impuse” the public becomes the protagonist and takes over this new urban space. “I’m very happy to bring this installation to Lugano – explains Michel Gagnon, the LAC’s director – “and the reason why is very simple: we are creating a space where the presence of a work of art or an installation becomes the pretext for people to come together and discover something new. In this way, it is the LAC that is reaching out to the public, making art accessible for everyone with great simplicity”

Saturday December 3, 5pm, Piazza Bernardino Luini, Lugano

“Impulse” and “Luminothérapie”

“Impulse” is a production of the Canadian firms Lateral Office and CS Design, in collaboration with the EGP Group, winners of the 2015 “Luminothérapie” competition.
“Luminothérapie” is an important competition and also the name of the Festival that the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership organizes every year to animate Montreal’s cultural district by offering visitors original and interactive experiences and to encourage creativity in the field of urban and digital art.

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Prismatica. Gioare con la luce
Prismatica. Gioare con la luce