The birth of LAC

A brand new area for arts and culture.

The LAC testimony since from the foundations his artistic vocation.

In 2010, the city of Lugano laid the foundation stone for LAC. With the commencement of works, the site of the former Palace hotel was turned into a huge building site; it was necessary to create an area to facilitate works on the road along Riva Caccia; the foundations of the facades were stabilised and a new drainage system put in place. The works also made it possible to enhance the ecosystem at the bottom of the lake where the material excavated from the site was placed. In fact, new aquatic plants which are excellent food for lake fish, took hold on the surface of this material. Thanks to this strategy, the companies working on the site were also able to avoid having to transport material to landfill sites, something which causes pollution and is costly. Putting natural resources to the best possible use is one of LAC's strategic objectives; a special system is also used for the air conditioning and heating systems used, it pumps water from the lake and does not pollute the air or require fuel storage facilities; furthermore the system has no effect on water quality.

All areas within the LAC have been conceived in accordance with the most rigorous, efficient construction criteria, meeting the need for flexibility and multi-functionality demanded by future users and in accordance with the most modern principles of environmental preservation and eco-friendliness. The electric power supply systems, the air conditioning, lighting, security and emergency systems, the fibre optic network cabling and the sound and video systems are coordinated by a powerful technical system which centralises all information controlling all the building’s devices and systems. One particular feature shared by all the systems and which is of crucial importance, is the very low level of noise emissions in the environment, with particular attention paid to vibrations.

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
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