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Artistic director LuganoInScena

“Strong theatre is a theatre which is receptive to the imagination, knowledge and relations; it’s a theatre allowing the entire audience to set out on a journey.} In Lugano I discovered amazing vitality; it is full of theatre companies, theatre schools, festivals… perhaps what is missing is a fabric capable of acting as a catalyst to consolidate all this potential. LuganoInScena can be the glue that ties these elements together. With the inauguration of LAC, the city can now project itself in the international arts scene. I plan to develop a season which will bring major theatrical works to Lugano, diverse spectacles and something original, with a particular focus on dance and dance-theatre, as well as major musical productions. We should never forget that theatre has to be for the people. It must come into being in a venue – be it called stage or piazza – which people recognise as their own because it represents their local environment. But this means more than just geography or evoking geographical restrictions: first and foremost it means feeling a member of society. This is the concept underpinning my programming for every season at the new LuganoInScena at LAC”.


Born in 1973, he has a diploma in acting at the Teatro Stabile Academy in Turin, with a master’s degree in directing and a degree in History of the Theatre and Spectacles from Milan State University. After three years residence at Teatro Litta in Milan, he began a lengthy period of partnership with Luca Ronconi and the Piccolo Teatro in Milan and has directed for some of the most important prose and lyrical theatres. Since 2007 he has also been Artistic and Production Director. A lecturer at Venice University for Visual Arts, at the Teatro Stabile School in Turin and at the Piccolo Teatro School in Milan, he has taught at the specialisation course for actors directed by Luca Ronconi. In 2005 he won the Critics Prize as an emerging director. In 2009 he received the Eti Theatre Olympians prize as best director of the year, the Critics Prize in 2013, the Golden Graal and a nomination for the Ubu Prizes, again as the year’s top director.

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