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STREAMING - "In the name of Antea"



Quando crolla una civiltà e l'uomo diventa belva, chi ha il compito di difendere gli ideali della civiltà? I cosiddetti "intellettuali", cioè coloro che hanno sempre dichiarato di servire le idee e non i bassi interessi. Sarebbe troppo comodo essere intellettuale nei tempi pacifici, e diventare codardi, o anche semplicemente neutri, quando c'è pericolo.
— Fernanda Wittgens, lettera dal carcere, 1944

The story of Italian "monuments men", those who risked their lives to save works of art of inestimable value by the likes of Caravaggio, Giorgione and Piero della Francesca: showpieces of Italy’s celebrated artistic heritage. While bombs were destroying churches and other ancient buildings, paintings and statues were safe in castles and convents outside the cities, and then hidden in case these locations were raided.
Witnesses to Italian history, their rocambolesque misadventures during wartime, the remarkable human efforts to save their past for future generations. the artworks themselves tell this incredible story.

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