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STREAMING - "Palladio"



“Perhaps there has never been more extravagant architecture.”
— J. W. Goethe

In 2010, with Resolution 259, the United States Congress declared Andrea Palladio "Father of the American Architecture." The documentary draws a line in space between the two shores of the Atlantic and presents five centuries of works by Andrea Palladio and those he influenced. Palladio could probably be defined as the first “starchitect”, having influenced the history of architecture like few architects before and after him. Palladio is probably the 1st film on architecture theory and history for the big screen. It is certainly the first made with means normally used for the greatest commercial productions. It was the most watched documentary on architecture, being 5th in the Italian box officechart during the projection days (May 20th, 21st, 22nd 2019), right behind Pokemon and surpassing The Advengers. It evokes crossed-stories between researchers, architects, restorers, and in particular the one of a young teacher-historian-architect (Gregorio Carboni Maestri), who studies, teach, live and preserve his works, passing his legacy to future generations

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