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"Amazing Leonardo"



“He perceived beauty in art as in engineering and his ability in combining them is what made him a genius.”
— Steve Jobs

“AMAZING LEONARDO” is a fascinating tale out to discover the man, the artist, the scientist and the inventor: a novel and engaging experience, from a perspective far removed from the stereotypes.

The absolute lead role of the film is Leonardo’s mind, a space that accompanies him in the evocation of the most significant moments of his life, a place vast and abstract where nature and interior shots live together and his genius comes to life.

In his mind, Leonardo meets artists, powerful men, apprentices of his workshop but above all he confronts himself. The narration helps in gaining an understanding of Leonardo’s intellectual and emotional development, his soul and his thought, the genesis of his works, showing the salient events of his life through an accurate and documented fictional reconstruction.

Thanks to the use of animations, projections and advanced digital techniques, the film narrates his visions, the sparks of his learning, his works, his scientific theories. Some of his inventions never realized take shape and come to life, becoming animated and coming into operation.

But the mind of Leonardo is also a link to the outer world, serving to connect with nature and with the places where he lived, in addition to with his works. Passing through Vinci, Florence, the Tuscan countryside and the Valdarno, then north to Milan and all the way to France, the viewer is thus led to the discovery of his most renowned works: the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, the Vitruvian Man, the Annunciation, the Adoration of the Magi, the Saint Jerome, the Lady with an Ermine.

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